HTTP bad request (#400) in Yii2 ajax calls

Are you facing problems with a HTTP 400 bad request for AJAX and POST requests in Yii Framework 2.0? Some examples reported by users as of June 2014, are in extensions that use AJAX processing:

HTTP Bad Request Issue Examples

Why are you facing this error?

A common reason, (especially if you have an Yii 2 install before June 2014), is that CSRF validation is enabled in your default application setup. As of June 2014, there has been some major changes to the Yii 2 core framework with regards to automatic CSRF meta tag generation. This feature has been removed from View class for Yii 2. This is the related commit #6b799d3 and the related issue #3558.


To resolve the issue, ensure you have embedded the following code to your view layout files head section. The view layout file (e.g. main.php) is typically located in your application views/layouts directory.

// main.php
// other meta tags
<?= Html::csrfMetaTags() ?>

One thought on “HTTP bad request (#400) in Yii2 ajax calls

  1. Hello Kartik,

    Can you help me with this 400 error?
    I am trying to get work your DetailView with DateControl but with no success.

    Ajax call for datecontroll/parse/convert fails with 400 error. It happens only when csrf token is enabled. If I disable it, ajax call works perfect.

    I have included Html::csrfMetaTags() in head section of my page but this does not solve my problem.

    I have read that this token should be enclosed in ajax call but your code does not send it.
    What can I do to make it work?

    PS. Thank you for your awesome job.

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