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mikecd asked 5 months ago

Hi, First thanks a lot for this interesting plugin. I try to get the data-filetype, from the input type file used to send the file to the server. I set my input like : <label class=\”control-label\”>My file</label> <input id=\”filetype-3\” name=\”filetype_3\” type=\”file\” class=\”file\” data-filetype=\”3\”>   and I try use uploadExtraData (doc description) like this : uploadExtraData: function() { return { userid: $(\”#id\”).val(), filetype: $(this).closest(\”input[name=\’t\’]\”).data(\’filetype\’), tfile: \’ufile\’ }; } But when the upload button is fired, $(this).closest(\”input[name=\’t\’]\”).data(\’filetype\’) is always, and definitely undefined. Any idea ?

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