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acv72 asked 1 year ago

Hi, I’ve got a problem. I put a fileInput control inside of a bootstrap modal. It runs ok, I click on browse botton and it opens modal to choice file. Remove, upload, run ok too. But it doesn’t apply the changes indicated in the configuration (language, browseClass, …)
I think it’s possible that css path failed, but if I set a property using $(‘#escint’) it’s applied. I’m lost.
Thanks & regards.
file input options:
        language: “ca”,
        browseClass: “btn btn-warning block”,
        showCaption: true,
        showRemove: true,
        showUpload: true,
        allowedFileExtensions: [“pdf”]
Button that open a modal with file input:
<button class=’btn btn-default’ data-toggle=’modal’ data-target=’#escintPujarVisor’>
      <i class=’fa fa-print’ aria-hidden=’true’></i>

And this is the modal:
<div id=”escintPujarVisor” class=”modal fade” tabindex=”-1″ role=”dialog” aria-labelledby=”modalLabel” aria-hidden=”true”>
    <div class=”modal-dialog modalFitxer” style=”width:1024px; height:800px;”>
        <div class=”modal-content”>
            <div class=”modal-header text-center”>
                <button class=”close btn btn-primary”  type=”button” data-dismiss=”modal” aria-hidden=”true”>X</button>                        
                <h4 id=”modalLabel” class=”modal-title”>TITLE</h4>
            <div class=”modal-body text-center”>
                <input id=”escint” name=”escint” class=”file” type=”file”>
            <div class=”modal-footer”>
                <button type=”button” class=”btn btn-primary” data-dismiss=”modal”>CLOSE</button>

acv72 replied 1 year ago

It was all ok, seems to be a problem about cookies and cache. Thanks

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