initialPreviewConfig url do not set after upload image.

Web Tips Q & ACategory: Krajee PluginsinitialPreviewConfig url do not set after upload image.
roger asked 9 months ago

In my server side I have this steps to configure the plugin in the JSON return after upload the image.
$key = $result;
$url = ‘../../models/arg/delete.php?delete’;
$p1 = ‘../../../images/products/’.$key;
$p2 = [‘size’ => $_FILES[“edProductImage”][“size”], ‘width’ => ‘350px’, ‘url’ => $url, ‘key’ => 1];
if ($result != ‘Erro’){
  echo json_encode([
       ‘initialPreview’           => $p1,
       ‘initialPreviewConfig’ => $p2,
      ‘append’                     => true
  echo json_encode(“ERRO”);

The upload process is occurring normally, the problem is when i try to delete the image after upload, nothing happens. The trash button don´t send a request
to the $url specified.
This way I cannot delete the image, what I´m doing wrong?
This is my plugin initialization:
    language: ‘pt-BR’,
    maxFileSize: 1024,
    allowedFileExtensions: [‘jpg’, ‘jpeg’, ‘png’],
    uploadAsync: false,
    uploadUrl: url,
    resizeImage: true, 
    maxImageWidth: 350,
    maxImageHeight: 262.5,
    maxFileCount: 1,
    resizePreference: ‘width’,
    initialPreviewAsData: true,
    uploadExtraData: function() {
          return { 
            SaveImage: ”,
           codProd: $(“#edCodigo”).val()

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