main progress bar 100% but not 100% complete at all thumbnails

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ale asked 3 weeks ago

Hello I’m facing a issue that become eventually, in different images and different moments.

I’m uploading a buch of 6 or 7 photos at same time via ajax method, and works like a charm but sometimes some thumbnail’s progress bar is freezed but not the main bar, resulting in a 100% complete message in main bar but in some files still moving it’s progression bar, maybe 10 seconds plus main bar is 100%. Sometimes the thumbnail’s bar was totally freeze, but it’s more difficult to see
I actually can’t reproduce the problem, as in some momment in some image it happen, but next try the same process works without issues.
Really don’t know if issue is thumbnail’s mini bar, or main bar of all upload, but I wonder how I could fix this to if are thumbnails uploading yet (as it’s progress bar show) the main progression don’t reach 100%
I also are open to patch the code to check if all thumbnails was finnished but not sure where add the control, neither if would control the correct var.
Any help would be appreciated.
Have a nice day.

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